Celtic FC 2 FC Porto 3

Wednesday, 21 May 2003

Kick-off: 20:45 (CET) | Attendance: 72,972

Referee: Lubos MICHEL (Slovakia)

El Estadio Olimpico, Isla De La Cartuja, Seville
El Estadio Olimpico, Seville

Official Match Programme

Porto C.F. in the Estadio Olimpico, Seville UEFA Cup Final 21/05/03

About the Programme

The A4, magazine type programme has 80 pages inside laminated covers and each copy had a free picture postcard stuck onto the bottom half of page three. The programme was a complete sell-out by the end of the match with the few remaining copies sold inside the stadium to Celtic fans that formed gigantic snaking queues under the stands. The programmes that were available outside the stadium sold-out hours before the kick-off.

Reprint Issue

Weeks after the final, Celtic started selling a reprinted copy of the final programme in the Celtic shops. They are exactly the same as the originals except for two very important details. Firstly, the colour of the reprints is not as vibrant as in the originals but you will struggle to spot this unless you have an original to compare it with.

The second and most important point to remember if you are trying to avoid being stuck with a reprint (and charged for an original) is that the postcard on page 3 (Contents page) has been stuck in the wrong place - on the original, it is on the bottom half of the page and on the reprints it has been erroneousely stuck on the top half of the page, obstructing the Contents details.


The programme postcard

The postcard can be easily moved to its original place, however, if this has been

done, there will be two greasy marks on the Contents where the postcard was originaly placed in error (with that non-sticky glue stuff). It is not known how many reprints Celtic had printed but it must have been thousands as they are now struggling to sell all of them and are giving them away free when you sign up for Celtic related financial items such as becoming a Celtic Pools agent.

Match Ticket

The match ticket

Forged Match Ticket

A forged match ticket


Celtic vs FC Porto 2003 UEFA Cup Final Teams

Celtic Team


Manager: Martin O'Neill

Scorers: Henrik LARSSON 47, 57

Team: Douglas, Mjällby, Balde yellow cardred card, Valgaeren (laursen), Agathe, lennon, Lambert (c) (McNamara), Petrov (Maloney), Thompson, Sutton, Larsson.

Subs not used: Hedman (g/k), Sylla, Crainey, Smith, Fernandez.


FC Porto Team


Manager: Jose Mourinho

Scorers: Derlei 45, 115, Alenichev 54


Subs not used: Ricardo COSTA, Marco FERREIRA, Nuno Simões SIMÕES, Pedro EMANUEL, César PEIXOTO, CLAYTON, TIAGO.



Video 2003 UEFA Cup Final - 1st Half

Video 2003 UEFA Cup Final - 2nd Half

Video 2003 UEFA Cup Final - Extra Time

Seville Pirate Programmes

Green Spanish Pirate

Twenty well produced pages sold for 5 euros. Sold at the stadium and around the city. Most difficult to find. Produced in Spain.

The green pirate

Blue Spanish Pirate

Twenty well produced pages sold for 5 euros. Sold at the stadium and around the city. Very difficult to find. Produced in Spain

The blue pirate

Larsonn Pirate

Twenty well produced pages sold for 5 euros. Sold at Seville airport but was very difficult to find. Produced in Spain.

The picture pirate

Victory Souviner Issue

Twenty well produced pages sold for £4 at Glasgow Airport in the week before the final. Produced in Scotland.

The victory pirate

Trophy Pirate

This 32 page pirate is a nice programme. Every page is full of interesting articles and pictures. Don't think it was sold in Seville.

The white pirate.

Dutch Bhoys Pirate

The Dutch Bhoys unofficial issue for the UEFA Cup Final in Seville. On sale around the city for €2. 16 pages, A5.


The Dutch Bhoys pirate programme

Scottish Pirate

Another pirate issue, not sold in Seville and produced after the event.


UEFA CUP FINAL 2003 at the Estadio Olimpico, Seville 21/05/03. Pirate Programme

Information Leaflet

A4 fanfold information leaflet used by Celtic as a ticket wallet for cup final tickets won in the ballot. The leaflet folds out to reveal six pages.

A4 fanfold information leaflet used by Celtic as ticket wallets for the lucky ballot winners.

Inside of the leaflet

Carlsberg Leaflet

Click to go to the Carlsberg Web site. This excellent A3, 16 page fanfold leaflet was found on your seat at the UEFA Cup final. Not available outside the stadium, it had a "lucky number" on the back page for a half-time draw. The winner of the draw won a VIP trip to the UEFA SuperCup Final in Monaco. Most of these were destroyed in the usual ways by normal fans but, there are sure to be hundreds saved and taken back to Scotland by the fans that collect this kind of stuff. The 16 pages included a great map of Seville with places of interest clearly marked and a plan of the stadium, two pages of general info about the teams and some "Fun Facts" or Curiosidades. A picture of the front and back cover as well as the unfolded leaflet is shown below.

A3 fanfold Carlsberg information leaflet used for the half-time UEAF SuperCup Final tickets draw.

A3 fanfold Carlsberg information leaflet used for the half-time UEAF SuperCup Final tickets draw.

On the Road to Seville

Celtic's UEFA cup run 2002/2003

FK Suduva, 1st round, 1st leg, Thurs 19 Sept 2002, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (8-1)

FK SUDUVA, 1st round, 2nd leg, Thurs 3 Oct 2002, Dariaus & Gireno Stadione, Kaunus - (2-0)

BLACKBURN, 2nd round, 1st leg, Thur 31 Oct 2002, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (1-0)

Blackburn, 2nd round, 2nd leg, Thur 14 Nov 2002, Ewood Park, Blackburn - (2-0)

CELTA VIGO, 3rd round, 1st leg, Thur 28 Nov 2002, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (1-0)

Celta Vigo, 3rd round, 2nd leg, Thur 12 Dec 2002, Estadio Municipal de Balaídos, Vigo - (1-2)

STUTTGART, 4th round, 1st leg, Thur 20 Feb 2003, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (3-1)

Stuttgart, 4th round, 2nd leg, Thur 27 Feb 2003, Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, Stuttgart - (2-3)

LIVERPOOL, Quarter-Final, 1st leg Thur 13 Mar 2003, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (1-1)

Liverpool, Quarter-Final, 2nd leg Thur 20 Mar 2003, Anfield, Liverpool - (2-0)

BOAVISTA, Semi-Final, 1st leg, Thur 10 Apr 2003, Celtic Park, Glasgow - (1-1)

Boavista, Semi-Final, 2nd leg, Thur 24 Apr 2003, Estadio Do Bessa, Porto - (1-0)